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About Philco Heating & Air Conditioning

PHILCO HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING Ltd. was established in 1983 to specialize in the installation and maintenance of heating and ventilation systems. Phil Lambert, the company founder, established the operating philosophy of ensuring that customers' properties are functioning at their optimal level of efficiency at all times. In 1998, the Tilian Corporation purchased the company. Our commitment to Customer service continues today.

At Philco Heating & Air Conditioning we strongly believe that a preventive maintenance program delivers the highest on stream time, fewest building occupant complaints and lowest overall cost for maintenance.

With 110+ years of combined field experience, our technicians have the HVAC and gas-fitting expertise to troubleshoot and solve problems efficiently and effectively.

COR Certified

Philco Heating's health and safety management system is continually audited to ensure we exceed Occupational Health & Safety standards of excellence.